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Unique Ice Carvings for Weddings and Celebrations

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Congratulations! Weddings and personal celebrations are occasions to show off your personal style. Ice sculptor Bill Bywater can design an original ice carving to capture the unique spirit of your celebration.

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Choose Ice Sculptures!–Not Ice Molds Or CNC Fabrications.

Bill Bywater designs and sculpts original, unique ice sculptures for each client. Many ice carving companies use ice molds and software driven CNC machines to create identical ice forms for all their clients. These are called ice fabrications in the industry. Instead of choosing an ice carving company that offers only a limited range of standard ice carving designs,choose a chainsaw ice carver.  They are considered the elite 8% .

blackberrys-065 (800x599)And while most ice carvers are chefs or people who specialize in food service, Bill Bywater is a professional sculptor with training and experience in design. He has been a professional commercial sculptor since 1987, and he been creating award-winning ice carvings since 1990. Bill is a twenty plus year member of the National Ice Carvers Association.

Unique ice sculptures give maximum impact for your budget.

Get the most impact from your reception budget with a unique ice carving that surprises and delights your guests.

Ice carving costs are determined by a variety of factors that are specific to each project, including whether the sculpture will be carved on or off site as well as the needs of your caterer or party planner and the amount of lead time available for designing the ice carving. Many carvings are available for starting at $300

Send Bill the location and date of your event in as far in advance of the event as possible using the online contact form to best ensure that he will be able to meet your needs and to lock in your delivery date. I try to accomodate all clients, including last minute rush orders, but these may cost extra. Don’t wait. Order early.

See examples of Bill’s ice carvings in the Ice Carvings Gallery.

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