How much do ice carvings cost?

A typical price could be $350 for a single block carving like the number 40 for a birthday party delivered to Orange, Duchess, Ulster, Putnam or Rockland County.  I would bring it to the event an hour before starting time and set it up with a drip/display tray and back lighting.

Another project could be doing a single block demonstration carving for a town park or corporate event in front of a crowd between one and two hours for $500.

Because every ice sculpture I create is designed and carved exclusively for each event, costs vary. Often, the cost is not determined by the design, unless the sculpture requires more than one block of ice. Usually the cost is determined by other factors specific to the event, such as its location.  Because the amount of lead time is a factor in the cost, I encourage clients to get in touch with me as far in advance of their event as possible, three  weeks at least.