Why Garden Statuary?

When most people say they do art or you know an artist they typically mean that they paint or draw or use some other two dimensional media. In the last few decades there has been an explosion in the area of digital artwork. From websites to Adobe suite design products to phone apps, these are all two dimensional media. Other 2D formats range from highway billboards to magazines and newspapers. All of these, as valid as they are, are all flat.

I prefer to work in three dimensions. Scenery and props for stage took up a good part of the work I did after graduating from college with a BS in Studio Art. These sculptures for stage were necessary to create a feeling, or to tell the story on the stage. After that I worked for years doing architectural restoration on Historic and Landmark buildings. If a Corinthian capital was half missing or a series of gargoyles were missing broken wings or limbs I had do some measuring and research to determine what was there. I would then resculpt the missing components. Next we would mold the stonework, and finally cast them in concrete, often thousands of stones on a building. At this same time we would sometimes take on some commissioned sculpture work where an “artist” would want to create a sculpture but did not have the skill or ability to so. Using foam, wood, plaster and clay, I would use a similar process to create sculptures for these clients, some of which wanted them for their line of garden sculpture they were offering for sale.

At the same time, I had been making my own sculptures in ice for parties or demonstrations. Ice is a great way to enjoy a hand crafted unique sculpture but they don’t last.

I started sculpting and casting my own line of garden statuary then in 2012. I started with the large finial and the Sason base which are proportioned to work together. Next I carved the Edinburgh hare, which also works on the Sason Base.

I customer asked if I could make a Celtic Cross, so I made the large one shown at 49″ tall. Set back on her large lawn, the proportions worked well, but others asked if I could make a one smaller. I then added the medium size cross at 27″ to my line and then eventually the 17″ Celtic Cross which has proven to be my most popular. Each of these crosses are of my own design although heavily influenced by historic reference material including the “Book of Kells”.

The Celtic Cross is a variation of the Latin Cross combined with the circle intersecting the upright and crossbar. The circle represents the pagan sun god which was incorporated when missionaries converted the regions to Christianity. Similarly they included the unique knot work style which is endlessly looping and interweaving. This endless looping with no beginning and no ending was used as a metaphor for life. If you see a triquetra symbol with a circle going through it; it means a symbol of eternity.

All of my garden items are made of high strength concrete and need no maintenance for years to come. The grey and green concrete items are that color all the way through the piece. The glossy black style is created with a concrete stain applied to the finished casting.

Most all of my sculptures have my signature cast into them. I make my own origional sculptures, cast them myself, and ship them to you. If there is a sculpture piece you would like created please reach out to me using my https://billbywater.com/ordercontact-form