Favorite Symbols Discussion

Each of us has a favorite symbol, a thing, place, concept, image that allows us to reach beyond the limits of language to explain our deepest visions, thoughts, and dreams.

Recently I have found a new affinity with the symbol of the Hare after it caught me in its spell in the form of a statue sitting innocently beneath an artist’s awning at a local town fair. That same statue now sits as sentry in front of my home. Moon Goddess, trickster, messenger of the gods, entertainer, harbinger of good, evil, transition and transformation, guide to the underworld, fertility God … the Hare represents the whole range of human experience and being. It brings with it a history that spans ancient cultures and times when it figured prominently in sacred rites and rituals to its place in contemporary literature and film.

The Hare with its multiple meanings reminds us that transition and transformation are part and parcel of each individual’s existence and provides escort to the unexplored spaces that lie before us.Where have you encountered the Hare in your life?

Tell us about your favorite symbol and what it means to you!


See http://www.endicott-studio.com/rdrm/rrRabbits.html for more indepth history.


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