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Party style! 6 Tips for using ice carvings for maximum impact.

Ice Carving

1. Mark the event entrance with an ice carving

For your guests, one of the most crucial moments of your event is their arrival. Guests decide in the first few minutes of a party whether or not they will enjoy themselves. An ice carving at the event entrance tells guests that they have arrived at the party and they are about have a great time. When using an ice carving to mark the entrance to the event, choose a design that sets the mood, captures the theme, or serves as signage with welcoming words carved into the ice sculpture.

2. Create a visual focal point

An eye-catching ice carving creates a visual focal point that helps set the mood and pull a party together. The decor for an elegant cocktail reception, for example, might feature a large vase carved from ice and filled with a sumptuous bouquet of flowers. Party planners often place ice sculptures on buffet tables, but you can place an ice carving anywhere in the room provided it sits on a stable table or platform. For maximum impact, place the ice carving where people will see it as they walk in the door.

In a darkened reception room or at a party outside at night you can add even more drama by lighting the sculpture, either by bathing it in light from above or by placing it on a light box and lighting it from below. If you think that this technique would be great for your party decor make sure you ask any prospective ice sculptors you are considering if they have lighting equipment before you choose your ice sculptor.

3. Serve chilled food or beverages from ice carvings

Ice CarvingAn ice sculpture can do double duty when used to display and serve chilled beverages and food such as wine, champagne, or shrimp. Imagine an ice carving of a shrimp boat filled with shrimp. Or make an even bigger impact by serving beverages from a bar carved from a blocks of ice!

4. Entertain guests with an ice carving demonstration

Not only will an ice carving demonstration entertain your guests, the finished sculpture can become a focal point of the event. Ice carving demonstrations can be performed indoors or outdoors all year round, even in the summer.

5. Create a photo opportunity for publicity or guest momentos

When guests can interact with an ice sculpture, the cameras come out! Your guests will want to have their picture taken sitting on an ice throne or in a winter sleigh carved from ice. And the photographs make fun publicity shots or personal mementos that your guests will take away with them. You may even want to provide a photographer to take photos that you can give to your guests.

6. Delight your guests with an ice carving that is unique

The most memorable parties include some special element that surprises and delights your guests. Ice carvings can provide that special element, and they make the biggest impact when they are unique and perfectly suited to the occasion. Most ice carving companies offer only a limited range of ice carving designs that they have used for many clients. The more often your guests see these standard ice carvings, the less impact the ice carvings have. If you want your ice carving to make an impact, make sure it is unique. Make sure it has been designed especially for you to express your personal style and the style of your event.


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