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Ice Carving Demonstrations



Ice carving demonstrations become a focal point for your event.  Recent carving demonstrations include NY Hall of Science, Wurtsboro NY Winterfest, Rhinebeck NY Sintersclaas Festival, Saugerties NY Winterfest and Coldspring NY Winterfest...Local demonstrations start at $500, I bring the ice and the chainsaws and fun!  Only 8% of ice carvers do it like this anymore.  That is why we call ourselves the 8%ers!

Hi Bill,
Happy New Year! Great to hear from you and YES(!!) I think things went very well this year. Too early to book you for next year? ; )  Thank you for the pics. Below are the links to the flickr sets that our photogrpaher took the first 2 days. There are some really excellent ones of you and your work! Please use as you like! ReMake-(Dec. 27): 
http://www.flickr.com/photos/nysci/sets/72157632361044308/ ReMake-(Dec. 28): http://www.flickr.com/photos/nysci/sets/72157632366083299/ OK, I think that's it for now. I really really thank you for your amazing contribution to ReMake the Holidays. Your talent and energy and enthusiasm are inspiring and it is an absolute delight to work with you!

My very best!



Dear Bill,

I finally got to see the Dragon after all was over--tons of folks were still standing around and admiring it! It is really beautiful! Thank you so much ! It will be in Town until it melts.
Did you have dinner at Aroi?

Jean F. (Rhinebeck NY)

  Saugerties Dragon with Die Grinder Menhorah Ice skating rink 2013


Ice carving demonstrations are great for special events because people love watching an ice sculpture take shape before their eyes, and the finished sculpture becomes a focal point of the event.


Ice carving demonstrations can be performed indoors or outdoors all year round, even during the summer. Letters and words, such as the name of the event sponsor, can be sculpted into your ice carving.

To see examples of ice carvings created by Bill visit the ice carvings gallery.

Look to a professional commercial sculptor and experienced ice carver
While most ice carvers are chefs or people who specialize in food service, Bill Bywater is a professional commercial sculptor. He has been a commercial sculptor since 1987 and has been carving award-winning ice sculptures since 1990. Bill is a member of the National Ice Carvers Association.



Ice carving demonstrations provide entertainment and decoration
Your budget does double duty when the entertainment results in an ice sculpture that becomes part of the festival decorations.

Costs for ice carving demonstrations are determined by a variety of factors that are specific to each event, such as travel distance.  Local demonstrations start at $500.

Send Bill the details of your event in as far in advance of the event as possible using Bill's online contact form to best ensure that he will be able to meet your needs.

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